NAC is always looking for qualified & experienced staff to join our company.

WE ARE Currently looking for....

Grader Operators - Final trim

You should have a proven ability to run small teams in road maintenance, road construction, and hard stand construction. Applicants will be required to have proven experience and quality workmanship, and an ability to work unsupervised. Experience in Trimble machine guidance will be beneficial to applicants. 

Excavator Operators - Final trim

Experience in the following is beneficial to applicant: detailed excavation; batter and slope construction; general earthworks; demolition; service trench work; pile footings; GPS; production loading; and acid sulphate treatment.


NAC is Passionate about providing work opportunities for experienced and inexperienced Indigenous Australians. We have the capacity to employ ATSI students on apprenticeship programs offering Civil Construction Certificates 1, 2 & 3 in Earthmoving and Plant Operation. We offer one on one support to individuals ensuring time is spent developing their ability to operate machinery in a  safe, productive, and most importantly competent way.

NAC recognises the significance of Aboriginal culture, Indigenous people, and their beliefs which in turn gives NAC an opportunity to mentor and work with our ATSI employees on a trusted level.

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